We look forward to be an integral partner of your projects success by supporting you with new innovative designs and product solutions that are the latest and greatest from Europe's top Manufactures and Suppliers. 
We also bring you an added wealth of Product ordering and logistics with over 20 years experience supplying and delivering you the exact products that make your home or project simply outstanding.
We look forward serving your every request, providing you cost effective solutions giving you our customer the service required to make your home or project on track with an even greater success level.


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Dante Alexander

Senior Partner | Director of Architecture / SCHUCO Systems Designer / Private Island Developer

My Experience as a Architect / Designer / European Product Specialist comes from providing and understanding clients needs from many different cultural backgrounds and beliefs for over 20 years.

Over the last 2 decades as a Designer / Technical  and engineering specialist working with high profiles clients from Royal Families | Music Artists | Hollywood Stars | Politicians and Industrialists designing their high security retreats in the most remote locations incorporating the latest newest trend setting designs with our Architecture using top European products.  

Speaking 3 different languages: English, German, and Spanish, these languages have helped me successfully communicate, sell and open many World markets in Europe, North America, Caribbean and the Middle East and my vast knowledge of local customs and political connections permits our work and designs to be quickly accepted and adapted through the local Building Planning department.



Our main involvement includes designing new systems to meet the client's project demands:

1.../ lifestyle

2.../ function

3.../ design

4.../ security

5.../ climatic conditions

6.../ real estate investment return

7.../ shipping / Logistics  

8.../ handling of all orders with hassle free delivery

9.../ Project Management and Complete Construction 



Working one on one with you or your Architect demonstrating the latest designs will provide simple solutions to integrate the newest systems and will help you in creating your projects full potential.  



I travel every year all over Europe searching to find the best systems in the construction industry and go see for myself the proper use and correct installation of these products, first hand. 



Architecture / Latest Construction Techniques, New System Design & Engineering, are our true loves and passions and we know them at many levels. This is what  we promise to deliver to our clients and with this kind of knowledge you will gain a lot of inside tried true trade experiences using our services giving you a very clear understanding on how you can incorporate with ease the latest technological innovations into your project without failure. 




Working also for several years in the High Fashion and Film Industry  gave me also a greater understanding of time / cost / project management / creating timely  cost effective solutions for what our clients really want.

Our Design / Supply Process: 

Whether from a Jet set  lifestyle or to simple pure island life we do understand your design needs, wants and  will help you with designing new products that will achieve your ultimate design.


Faced with these exciting design challenges we make this process very simple for you  because we love what we do passionately and so will you in the finished results. 


In our meetings with you  our team will listen and understand your requests, your ideas or your Architects' specific design requirements and provide practical design solutions.

Our main focus is to help you select , create your ideas, see them through to their full potential.


Our goal is to make sure you  have achieved  a new lifestyle that you love and that reflects your very best inner feelings. That is what makes your project stand out from others.


Real Estate Value at it's highest potential keeping in mind to create a solid investment is our design policy. All properties eventually sell at one point or another and it is our belief to show you your best options and why that some project /properties reach their highest potential and many don't. So smart selection of design and materials will pay off as your project should grow over the next coming years creating positive  returns on investment for you. 

Simpler rules that always pay off:

1st  rule : Location, location ,location.

2nd rule: Design / function /uniqueness.

3rd  rule: The right price.

Project / Client Privacy Policy:

1st  Company rule: We never disclose who the client is nor the Home or projects' location. We do show some of our highlighted works on our website but not enough to give public or internet users detailed information that could compromise our client's or Investors' privacy and security. 

Thank you: for your invested time and interest in our products and services . We look forward to meeting you in person and working with you and your team very soon...

Our Commitment to you:

We will give you our all and truly make it the greatest pleasurable project experience for you working with our fast responsive professional team.  Thank you again...

Security Policy: Your security and privacy come always first for us and under no circumstances shall any information about you or your project be made public and all our staff at all levels will handle your project with the utmost secrecy and discretion.

Police Reports: All Staff working in any form or manner on your project will be thoroughly screened and background checked. This is standard procedure for our company in order for you the client to know each and every person working on your project, to ensure your privacy and safety are kept at the highest levels at all times.

Non -Disclosure: We will in our contract with client sign a non-disclosure agreement which includes a 1 million USD,  penalty clause for any breach of information relating the client and or the project.

Most respectfully,

Dante Alexander...

Lejla Hujic

Senior Partner  | Engineer of Architect Masters Degree | Director of Interior Design & Architecture 

I successfully completed my Masters Degree of Architecture Studied at Sarajevo University in 2001. 

Since then, I have been working in various parts of the World with a prestigious Architecture firm designing a variety of exciting architecture projects and specialising also in interior design of these projects for top Russian clients that wanted to achieve new standards with no limits incorporating various European manufactured supplier products.


As team player I love to work will all cultures and religions always adhering to your exact expectations with respect, excellent communication skills and academic qualifications using the latest European design techniques and manufacturing styles. I bring a wealth of knowledge to you and your project providing a proven ability to ensure your projected architectural design and materials selected are functional, safe, and meet the needs of the client.


Having an even greater love for Travelling, Fine Arts, Music and Architecture, loving life and people no matter where they come from provides me with excellent communication skills speaking English, Russian and Bosnian perfectly and ensuring  that the project designs are the latest and greatest.  I' am an easy going fun loving person by nature and am able to get along with your requirements, lifestyle and / or cultural backgrounds. 

I look forward to meet you soon and to make your project product and / or design selection a very enjoyable process.

Thank you for your interests from our Team...


Lejla Hujic...

What Inspires us with Our Designs and services we offer for all our Clients: 

*  All of our knowledge begins from our experiences,

    what we see, what we feel and what we make of them...

                                      Dante Alexander - Architect 

Designs' are limited only by the knowledge and the thought processes that go into them... 
All the beauty one has from this Great Wondrous World to learn from can only come when you have traveled to see it, feel it and taste it.  As from the Greats like Michelangelo to Leonardo da Vinci for those who do not travel the World is like reading a Book by it's cover and never seeing or living in it at all.
Once we have seen all the facts laid  before us , all is so simple in Life...
I will never stop learning and everyday is such a lovely experience I love passionately what I do...
                                                      Dante Alexander
Welcome | i mirëpritur | באַגריסן | ברוך הבא | Welkom | Willkommen | добро пожаловать | Bienvenido |  أهلا بك | Dobro došli | Bienvenue | 歡迎 | ようこそ
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